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The O-Shot


Look – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra & the innumerable supplements designed to help men in the bedroom are everywhere, don’t you think it’s about time women got their “shot?” The G-Shot for the G-Spot that is…

The Past Gives Way

It’s true… MEN seem to have plenty of options for medical therapy in the bedroom while women are appearing to get the short end of “the stick” on this deal. Sure, those talk show’s might recommend peripheral help like psychological counseling to deal with the fact that women all over America report having less “O” in their “Oh My God… Yes, Yes, Yes!” moments. And maybe you’ve heard friends, family and familiars attest to how Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) CAN help out our favorite, if not elusive vowel (“O”) but that’s pretty much where your choices end… until now. It’s time for a change. Believe it or not… for SEVERAL years now, MEDICAL breakthroughs accelerating a persons ability to repair, restore and rejuvenate human performance in all areas (including that “O” ability) has made dramatic leaps forward.

Growth Factors… How Today’s Medicine is Putting the “g” Back in “G-Spot”

Leveraging, accelerating and optimizing a women’s OWN healing processes to enhance repair, restoration and rejuvenation of connective tissue (like the G-Spot) is advancing faster in the 21st Century than in any other time in history. One of the most exciting Medical advancements today is focusing YOUR body’s OWN healing machines through something called “Platelet-Rich-Plasma” (PRP). Studies indicate that as PRP is injected, those GROWTH FACTORS intrinsic to your own body activate a person’s own inherent stem cells – encouraging them to multiply and grow new better, stronger more youthful tissue. Now, as PRP as a “face lift” has been shown to repair, restore & rejuvenate skin on your face (connective tissue), PRP (like the G-Shot for the G-Spot), may similarly repair, restore & rejuvenate vaginal structures (like the G-Spot… ALSO connective tissue).

So… When Does The G-Shot For The G-Spot Start To Work?

Your provider – trained in the art and science of PRP – introduces PRP into that area typically referred to as the G-Spot. That structure being a collection of interconnected structures activating that orgasm system. Women typically enjoy the beneficial effects of PRP introduced to that area almost immediately as those growth factors begin to repair, restore & rejuvenate a woman’s natural sexual response.

How Do I Know I Need the G-Shot for the G-Spot?

Inability to achieve that orgasm (the big “O”) is defined as a type of sexual dysfunction in which a person cannot achieve orgasm despite adequate stimulation at a velocity, intensity, and sustainability sufficient for you to achieve that orgasm (anorgasmia). It has no other symptoms. Anorgasmia can often lead sexual frustration & as you realize that – everyone faces challenges like these and TODAY, a person can DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS totally unnecessary situation.

What Is the Outlook for Anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia is usually treatable condition & there exist a few of Anorgasmia treatments available, but until recently, they were few and far between. The type of therapy you get depends on what’s going on with you that is leading & contributing to your Anorgasmia. In the miracle of the 21st Century, treatments for Anorgasmia – like PRP & the G-Shot for the G-Spot are typically incredibly effective, and in many cases, the G-Shot for the G-Spot is absurdly easy to treat. Before you take one more step into the future, let us show you how to turn back the hands of time. Call today and see how you can qualify for a free consultation.